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  1. … machine that you are!

    “Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.”


  2. I just love your writing “voice,” Ruth… I remember once, living in theological “no man’s land” as a “man without a country,” attending a Messianic synagogue on Shabbat and a young, zealous Evangelical beach church on Sundays… One day putting myself in the shoes of young Jewish hippie-type during the “Jesus movement” of the sixties, getting “born again” through faith in Jesus and thinking: “So, to follow a Jewish Messiah as a Jewish person I should become Christian? You’ve got to be kidding!” Why come to faith and convert AWAY from your Redeemer’s faith? What should a Jew who comes to faith in Jesus as Messiah do? Thank God he or she is Jewish like Messiah!
    As a Gentile newly come into my walk with HaShem, I specifically learned the transliterations of basic Hebrew prayer, like, “Baruch ha shem Adonai” and the shema, just to make my vocal chords move the way Messiah’s did. It made me feel closer. If only Gentiles would relate to Jesus as being Jewish in a more active way, like doing some of the things He did, they’d find themselves closer, not further from Him. As for Judaism being kaput, makes about as much sense as a Jew being saved then becoming a Christian. Why buy the cow when you already get the milk for free! Thanks for a very enjoyable, and challenging, post…


    1. Hi there Dan,

      My goodness you’ve really been around! I guess that time of hippy and Jesus movement was pretty intense, but I missed all the fun. :-)

      I agree that when we keep Jesus in his culture instead of our own, we can be so blessed to see him for who he is, and it’s breathtaking at times.

      My biggest goal is to challenge not “the Church” as it has done so much right, and good. But the RT that it has embraced is harmful to Christians, and of course deadly to Jews, and I know we’re on the same page with that, thank God (sometimes you can feel so alone, so it’s comforting to know).

      Thank you for your kind remarks Dan.



  3. Ruth, really enjoying this series. What a blessing and so filled with grace as truth is revealed. Keep them coming and blessings to you and yours!!



      1. :) My daughter’s gifts are art and music. She drew me as a hot-air balloon when she was four.

        I also meant to say that it’s a humbling experience, learning from one’s children, but also amazing and affirming.


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