Historic Event: Are We Still Alone?

3 thoughts on “Historic Event: Are We Still Alone?”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Always well written :) Before my father came to faith in Yeshua he, like the whole of his Jewish family, had thought Jesus was the cause of all Jewish suffering. It is sad that Christians are not known for their love for one another but for their devastating assaults against Jewish communities. Anti-semitism is one of satan’s most effective tools.


    1. Thank you. It’s such a sensitive topic and it is very well and honestly dealt with from both sides in the video. I appreciate Joel’s words that it really isn’t appropriate to love only those who agree with us on the identity of Jesus, ESPECIALLY in light of all that historic Christianity has done “in his name.”
      I also appreciate the rabbis perspective that Jews really do need to draw near to God as Jews. What that means of course has a variety of opinions as he also says. :-)


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