REPOST: Passover And Easter, Atheist Style?

4 thoughts on “REPOST: Passover And Easter, Atheist Style?”

  1. I haven’t owned a blog very long, and I certainly don’t write as much as some do, (particularly my friend James who probably published more posts in his first 2 weeks of blogging than I have in a whole year! :-) )


    Just started this book since I also have an interest in the early “history of the Church” and how quickly it stopped being a Judaism.

    Prayers for your son in his “sandbox.” May Hashem be with Him and protect him.


  2. Thank you for your prayers!

    The book: I have this one too. Don’t you wish you could just download the info into your brain! There’s so many I want to read, especially since, like you, I have a foot in both worlds so I like to keep my reading “balanced”.

    It’s truly surprising to me how relatively easy this information is to come by (now) and, mostly how many scholars simply take it for granted. For example, the fact that Jesus and his (early) followers remained observant Jews acting within the boundaries of Judaism, not outside of it as everyone else outside of academia is dogmatically led to believe on both the Jewish and Christian side of the issue. Yet, in spite of both Jewish and Christian scholars knowing and accepting this now rather mundane fact (think Daniel Boyarin and Peter Schäfer both claiming “everyone knows this” ) most of the population remains in the dark about it.
    It seems to take a very LONG time to filter down to the masses.


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