Passover And Easter, Atheist Style? Repost & Update

paasoverOccupied with a visit from my daughter who was home for Passover this year (hooray!) as well as thinking (okay, worrying) — and praying — and checking in on — my son who is deploying to the “sandbox” tonight (I offered to write a note, but he said: “Thanks mom, but don’t think it’d work for this.” :-) ) I haven’t gotten around to posting anything.

We’ve been eating a lot of unsalted matzoh, i.e., “bread of affliction” these past eight days. My husband has a sweet-tooth so I’ve made him Passover cake which is made with matzoh flour, and therefore becomes “cake of affliction” and this morning I made him some “Fudgy Gooey [matzoh] Brownie” (even with frosting, it’s still “brownie of affliction”).

I started another Yad Vashem course, as well as a Jewish New Testament studies class and I’m also working on a “curriculum” to present alternate theories about what I believe to be the holy calling on the life of the Gentile Christian in God’s plan of redemption. Suffice to say I don’t think the “theories” put forth by Church Fathers, and taught for the last 1800 years, are in any way defensible.

Since I believe this historic miscalculation is key as to what’s gone wrong with Christianity, I also believe that realizing and correcting this grave error will literally bring, and preserve, life.

22More and more Gentile Christians are, for the first time ever, receptive to the Jewishness of Jesus and the overall message of the New Testament, which gives them a newfound respect for the “Old” Testament, the “Old” Covenant, and the People of that Covenant, i.e., the Jewish people. However, due to replacement theology, they have no way to understand their identity or role once they realize the “plan” isn’t based upon “Zero-sum thinking” (to quote Jewish, New Testament scholar, Mark Nanos). As he points out, Christianity, since it was taken over by the Gentile faction of believers, has taught that for us [Christians] to be in, the Jews must be out.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and I plan on sharing some of the material I’m working on when I get it past the skeletal stage, but here is a brief, unedited, excerpt:

Previous (Christian) theories of how Gentiles fit in to God’s plan of redemption have led to widespread persecution and massive bloodshed for the Jewish people. Therefore, these doctrines must either be defended by scripture — that is to say we must prove:

  • God intended for there to be no distinction between Jew and Gentile
  • God only affirms Gentile identity
  • God intended for Christians to persecute Jews & ignore their suffering
  • God intends to rid the world of Jews

…or we must abandon the destructive doctrines passed down to us and rethink our calling and purpose.

Needles to say, the above historic realities resulting from the horrific doctrines on Jewish and Gentile identity cannot be defended from scripture; only from the writings of Church Fathers.

My First Ever Repost!

I haven’t owned a blog very long, and I certainly don’t write as much as some do, (particularly my friend James who probably published more posts in his first 2 weeks of blogging than I have in a whole year! :-) )

But I’ve noticed that my post from last year: “Passover And Easter, Atheist Style?” has been coming up on my stats lately so I thought I’d do my first ever “classic repost” or “golden oldie” so that you can contemplate the relationship Jews have with God. Yes, even atheist Jews.

I believe if you ponder it, you’d find a blessing. Read “Passover and Easter, Atheist Style?” HERE


Finally, (if you’re one who prays) I’d greatly appreciate your prayers for my sweet son…


(Watch Jewish New Testament scholar Mark Nanos addressing a Christian audience about Paul HERE)

4 thoughts on “Passover And Easter, Atheist Style? Repost & Update

  1. I haven’t owned a blog very long, and I certainly don’t write as much as some do, (particularly my friend James who probably published more posts in his first 2 weeks of blogging than I have in a whole year! :-) )


    Just started this book since I also have an interest in the early “history of the Church” and how quickly it stopped being a Judaism.

    Prayers for your son in his “sandbox.” May Hashem be with Him and protect him.


  2. Thank you for your prayers!

    The book: I have this one too. Don’t you wish you could just download the info into your brain! There’s so many I want to read, especially since, like you, I have a foot in both worlds so I like to keep my reading “balanced”.

    It’s truly surprising to me how relatively easy this information is to come by (now) and, mostly how many scholars simply take it for granted. For example, the fact that Jesus and his (early) followers remained observant Jews acting within the boundaries of Judaism, not outside of it as everyone else outside of academia is dogmatically led to believe on both the Jewish and Christian side of the issue. Yet, in spite of both Jewish and Christian scholars knowing and accepting this now rather mundane fact (think Daniel Boyarin and Peter Schäfer both claiming “everyone knows this” ) most of the population remains in the dark about it.
    It seems to take a very LONG time to filter down to the masses.


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